Capitalizing on Existing: Fine Art of Leverage

The existing entry to the Yakima Valley Museum was dated and less than appealing. The director asked for a new look that would attract visitors. Bold, dramatic forms reflecting irrigation canals and weir box controls dressed in the same Roman brick used in the original 1951 building provide a seamless and timeless architecture. The large glass wall placed at the entry lobby magnifies the qualities of the treasures within, much like cutting a geode to expose its hidden beauty.

The project included extensive revision and upgrade to much of the facility’s interiors and infrastructure but the delightful take away is the relatively small addition of 2,000 sq. ft. added to the existing 65,000 sq. ft. The additional space yielded a significant increase in the perceived value and identity of the museum. The Museum now stands as a reflection of the past with elements that connect it to present day.