Capture the Client's Identity

The Barth-HAAS group is the world’s largest supplier of Hops, is committed to sustainable farming practices, and works with clients from all over the world. As a result, the stated goal for this project was to create a building that draws inspiration from the company’s agricultural hop farming roots but in a more timeless contemporary northwest style.

The new John I. Haas Innovations Center is composed of four primary sections – local administrative offices, a state-of-the-art research lab, fully automated research brewery, and an outdoor beer garden event center. Each of those sections plays an important role in how they interact with clients, how they can help their clients be successful, and where they see future growth in their industry.

Celebrating their long history, the resulting LEED gold certified visually open design, celebrates daylight and views, and incorporates abstracted elements and ideas from a hop farm. The entry/lobby and conference room reflect the high open space of the Hop kiln enhanced with transparency and natural light. The exterior uses the form of hop trellis poles for structural elements and to define the terrace gathering place. These architectural innovations give identity and reinforce the spirit of the place.

The design and construction of the Center really serve us well. In short, we’ve heard nothing but positive things from the employees and visitors.

Tom Davis, CFO