Life of the Interiors

Interior Design has always been a crucial and significant component in the success of our projects. While beautiful Interior Design is always delightful, it may gain a sense of nobility when it adds a nurturing, soothing, peaceful, and healing quality to a more technically and emotionally demanding health care environment.

The design goals for the KVH Hospital Addition included integrating three main concepts:

  • Context – Drawing from the history, geography and culture of Kittitas Valley and the Hospital.
  • Natural Light – A valuable ingredient to bring energy and liveliness to the interiors.
  • Timelessness – Making design choices that allow the space to continue being relevant and attractive over time.


The economics of this character of design can be very valuable to the owner. If the design is considered relevant and attractive it will remain in favor. However, if the design is trendy the pressure to go through renovation and replacement when the trend begins to fade is expensive. By focusing on these three concepts, we developed space that was not only pleasant for the patients and their families, but also timeless and easy to maintain.