Confidence Encouraged

The waiting area for friends and families waiting for surgery and outpatient surgery patients, is a unique space within the hospital. People are often under stress as they wait for the results of what is, for many, a fearful event. Our main goal for the project design, was to create an environment that would help ease their tension, as well as take their mind off the wait. By providing the highest and largest space in the hospital, the waiting area takes on the stature of being very important, suggesting the utmost attention to this event and the quality of care being applied to their loved one’s procedure. The curving forms of the ceiling help create visual interest and give the mind a chance to explore. The contrasting ceiling heights are a design element intended to engage the user in different ways. Low ceiling spaces help bring a sense of care and comfort while the higher ceilings project a more relaxed and gregarious vibe. A full-length skylight allows natural light to flood into the space. On the exterior, the courtyard to the north and east animate the space with changing shades, shadows and color tones. Our goal was to allow the design of the space to fill patients and families with peace and confidence. Therefore, the form, pattern, rhythm and light directly engage the patients and their families, enhancing their experience, and elevating their level of confidence and comfort.